For nearly two decades PANOCAST has been a leading 360 Immersive Experiences technology company serving its B2B clients primarily in entertainment, marketing and retail industries. Our novel Multi-View Technology allows viewers to switch between cameras instantly, freely look around and actually become the director of a show. The Immersive Interactive Media applications we develop (mobile IOS/Android, HTML5, custom players for Samsung Gear, Oculus, Zeiss VR One, Flash and large scale surround projections) transform customer interactions into exciting, engaging and highly informative 360 experiences that strengthen brand loyalty and bring value to our clients. Starting in 2009 our 360Live! Broadcast technology already enabled large audiences to enjoy fully immersive experiences from Formula 1 / Jenson Button, Dior fashion show, Roland-Garross tennis or Chicago's Lollapalooza Music festival. PanoCAST crew also worked on Hollywood film sets as part of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (EPK). In early 2014 we have released our low-cost, brandable paper VR viewer that pre-dated Google's Cardboard and took 360 and MultiVew experiences to a whole new level of engagement and compelling end user experience.

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